2-D MMORPG Archewood introduces procedural generation, improves server tech, and enhances QoL


We’ve been keeping tabs on a 16-bit 2-D MMORPG by the name of Archewood for some time now. The game’s alpha first came across our desk last year, promising classic genre features like PvE, PvP, and dungeon delving, along with some elements of survival gameplay and has been available to install through Itch.io for about as long. The small indie team behind the game put out a dev vlog in February and then fell silent for a few months, but now it’s back with a new video and some updates on what has been worked on since then.

The update video runs down some backend updates that make the game use less CPU and send fewer needless monster movement data, the addition of procedural generation for all of the game’s maps, the introduction of about 187 new items along with 32 new monsters, and various quality-of-life changes including easier loot controls and item comparison tooltips. The devs are also working on a “bare bones” quest system that will bring quests and bosses to the game.

source: YouTube
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