Albion Online has a problem with statues disappearing from Conquerors’ Hall

Statues... gone? Bad?

Clearly, aliens have arrived in the world of Albion Online and they are abducting the statues from Conquerors’ Hall to make children cry. That is the only logical conclusion to draw from the fact that the statues of prior champions which are supposed to be in the aforementioned hall are suddenly… missing. With no explanation. And don’t ask the developers what’s going on; they seem to be just as baffled as the in-universe NPCs bringing their kids to see the statues only to find the statues not there.

All right, yes, joking aside, this is obviously setting up some kind of story event about what’s going on with all of the missing statues from previous seasons. Especially as it’s coming just around the anniversary event, too. So what will the answer to the mystery be? We don’t know just yet, but you should probably narrow your eyes and look very intently through a magnifying glass with a need to find the truth on this particular case. You know… investigating.

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