Ashes of Creation answers player questions about scope creep, leveling speed, and PvP balance


Whenever Ashes of Creation hosts a monthly developer livestream, it always has a player Q&A session at the end, and the nature of the Q&A beast is that not everyone gets their answers. However, the devs at Intrepid Studios also endeavor to answer every single question put forth in every Q&A thread they open, just like they’ve done for this month.

Many of the answers refer players to previous dev blogs or community notices but some of the answers are a bit more direct. Among the long list of replies is confirmation that hitting max level will be a 45 day-long trip over five hours per day, a promise that players will enjoy plenty of skill expression in PvP and a rock-paper-scissors design method, and that lore will be in-game but primarily provided by players through AOC’s node system.

The devs also addressed the concern about scope creep, which was brought up by one player who expressed concern that the game’s seasons system was an example of the studio not managing development of the MMORPG well. “Steven’s vision for Ashes of Creation is very clear and defined,” the response assures. “The scope of the project has not changed much at all since Intrepid Studios first announced the game! You can rest assured that scope creep has not and will not be an issue with this project.”

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