Dual Universe answers questions about learning Lua, Exchange construct rights, and PvP rules


The Ask Ophelia series of Q&A videos from Dual Universe has once more kicked out two new episodes taking player questions and providing developer answers.

  • How can someone learn the Lua script? Since Lua is a programming language that’s not specific to DU, the dev answering the question suggests that interested players learn some algorithmic and programming notions, then access an in-game codex by pressing F1 and checking out examples on GitHub.
  • On the subject of Lua, other answers expand on telemeter functionality and the Mercury update’s Lua improvements, specifically related to container content acquisition features.
  • Are there rules for PvP? Not really, though the dev answering the question does call out the difference between taunting an opponent and being offensive, and assures that exploits are carefully monitored.
  • How does an Exchange lot holder allow players access to certain things without RDMS permission? Certain lot construct elements like chairs, dispensers, or information buttons are openly accessible by default.


source: YouTube (1, 2)
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