Final Fantasy XI’s latest update adds a new farming location for exemplar points and swaps out Ambuscade targets

No, this isn't quite the right place.

This month’s update for Final Fantasy XI isn’t really centered around new story content, so if you were hoping for more of that, it’s best to get that thought out of your head now. Instead, it’s all about mechanics, starting with the monthly swap to new Ambuscade targets for players to take on. Both of the monsters players will be facing are returning foes, but adjustments have been made to both encounters so that players can’t expect exactly the same fights they had the last time around. So it’s familiar, but not too familiar.

Speaking of feeling familiar, want to go farm some monsters out in Bhaflau Thickets? If you want exemplar points, that’s the new place to go, since the patch alters the level adjustments in the zone and adds new monsters on Tandjana Islet for players to hunt for this particular leveling target. So it’s both a change of scenery and a new, more efficient way to grind. Hey, sometimes it’s just going to be content to grind when the game is on a monthly schedule. Check out the full patch notes or the video digest below for all the details.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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