World of Warships adds more British battlecruisers, US destroyer model changes, and Titans of Industry event


The British Union Flag is referred to as a Union Jack when it’s flying on a warship that’s not in a harbor. The distinction was formalized sometime around 1674 during a time when the flag’s design combined the flags of England and Scotland. The design was later amended in 1801 to incorporate the cross of St. Patrick to represent the isle of Ireland, while the Welsh flag was never incorporated due to it being a formal principality of England by that same year.

Why the bit about British flag history? Because World of Warships is adding more British battlecruisers in its next update, and since this game is all about historical boats, why not add a little national history on top?

The headline piece of the update is a new branch of Tier III to Tier X British battlecruisers arriving to the game’s early access program, including ships of the British Navy like the Hawke, the St. Vincent, and the Indefatigable, which is easily the best word to use for a combat ship’s name. We will not be taking questions about this at this time.

In addition to the new British ships, the update is bringing another round of model updates for several US destroyers; making updates to AI, the game’s economy, and UI; and launching a Titans of Industry event that lets players build up one of three different British dockyards, which will run similar to Battle of the Beasts or Clash of Courage events that have come before.

source: press release
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