Century Age of Ashes launches on Xbox One X|S today, PlayStation 4 and 5 next week


Welp, here’s a game I forgot all about: Century Age of Ashes. It rolled its way through beta all last year and then launched on PC last December, bringing its brand of dragon-riding aerial PvP to the multiplayer online genre. And after a couple of streams, it kind of fell off our radar, and I don’t think our radar’s broken as according to SteamCharts it didn’t make much noise to begin with and got only smaller since, at least on PC.

So why bring it up again? Because French studio Playwing has finally announced the console launch of the game alongside its first season of content, which might just bolster its playerbase. That means an Xbox One X|S launch today, followed by the PS4 and PS5 release on July 19th. “Console versions of Century will include all updates as of present, with more to come in the future,” the team writes.

“Season 1 arrives with fresh new and engaging ideas that players have been long awaiting for. In this first ever story arc in the lore of Century, as written & presented in cinematographic experience, a shadow is looming far in the south of the world. An army led by overwhelming forces marches towards the Kingdom Of Skeld. The last remnants of hope rest in the clutches of The Stormraisers, strong minded spiritual beings trained for many generations to observe and protect the Valkürian lands. […] Additionally, players can now harness the mighty power of the electric elements as ‘The Stormraiser’ – the new dragon rider class with Season 1: A Shadow Over Skeld. This expansion update also sees the inclusion of the Valkürian Sanctuary Map, a new DragonPass leveling system, competitive season, events and more additional features.”

Do note that this is a free-to-play title, but there are plenty of packs to buy and a typical battle pass on offer as well.

Source: Press release
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