Fractured Online’s latest beta update revamps city-conquering and loyalty mechanics


Gamigo-published, Dynamight-developed sandbox MMORPG Fractured Online has a new patch out for testers participating in the always-online summer beta. Conquests are the name of the game for this update, as the team is fleshing out the way city capture and win conditions for taking towns works in practice.

“The aim of this major rework is to make conquering a city much harder than before for the attackers, while putting the latter in danger as well in case the aggression fails,” Dynamight says. “This rework was prompted by a very strong community feedback, as losing a city from a single attack was deemed too punishing and was likely to make the defeated group quit the game.”

“Each city now has a loyalty counter that goes from 0% to 100%. This counter is set to 100% when the city is claimed or conquered. The city passively regenerates loyalty over time, at a rate of 1% every 6 hours, and it needs 80% loyalty to launch a conquest against another city. During a city conquest, the loyalties of both the attacking and the defending city are at stake and could be lost. If the attackers win a city conquest and manage to lower the loyalty of the defending city to 0, they are allowed to take control of the defeated city.”

The mechanic is tracked through the destruction and replenishment of “loyalty banners.” And even if your city is lost, that doesn’t mean you’re entirely screwed; with this update, the residents of a defeated town have two full days to collect their stuff and flee before the aggressors take over.

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