Genshin Impact brings a new character, new weapon, and several challenges in Summer Fantasia update


What the heck is a Summer Fantasia? As far as Genshin Impact is concerned, it’s the subtitle of its Version 2.8 update that’s out now, which does have some summertime-leaning events on deck as well as a new weapon to try for and a new character to roll the gacha dice on. We’ll leave you to wonder where the “fantasia” part of the update is.

The new character is Shikanoin Heizou, a four-star Anemo character who is, apparently, a detective that also punches and kicks the dickens out of things. A video breaking down his skills is available to view below.

In addition, Version 2.8 opens up the Golden Apple Archipelago once again for a limited time, and engages the Summertime Odyssey event that tasks players with several different challenges for Primogems, materials, and Iridescent Flotsam that lets players either unlock Fischl or buy materials to level up characters and talents in the event shop. Finally, players can hunt for a new four-star Cursed Blade that unleashes an AoE damaging Hewing Gale.

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