PlanetSide 2 launches its Surf and Storm update with underwater combat and a brand-new boat


It makes sense that PlanetSide 2 would want players to be having fun in the sun and in the water right about now. After all, it’s summer up here in the northern hemisphere, and that means this is the time when players are expected to be doing just that. Of course for most people “fun in the water” does not necessarily involve underwater combat and fighting over combat boats, but that’s the kind of game that PlanetSide 2 is, and thus it’s not surprising that today’s Surf and Storm update brings exactly that to the game.

The naval changes are centered around the island continent of Oshur, with new locations for facilities to obtain the Corsair gunboat and to take part in the update’s underwater combat as necessary. Players can also look forward to the return of the Maximum Pressure event for the next two weeks, which eliminates the cost of MAX units for the duration when it triggers. So you have a new theater of combat and a new chance to make things more dangerous; that should make this set of summer antics in PlanetSide 2 something to remember.

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