Runes of Magic deploys a new patch with the Colorweave Festival event tomorrow

Come on get harpy!

Tomorrow, the bad news for Runes of Magic players is that the servers will go down for maintenance and deploying a new patch with an as-yet-undisclosed conclusion time. (It’s actually very late tonight if you live far enough west in the United States.) The good news, however, is that when the servers come back up, players will be able to explore the Colorweave Festival. It’s a celebration of the finest clothes available complete with its own little backstory, and players will celebrate by helping Leonard and Betty get together.

“Leonard and Betty” sounds like it should be a classic song, possibly by Hank Williams or Bruce Springsteen, but it isn’t.

Of course, there are other ways to celebrate the event as well, including the charity auction, the magic weaving machine, and the classic clothing expo. You can even obtain a new title from the event if you get into all of the garment-based shenanigans along the way. Check out the full patch notes for more details along with a detailed list of bug fixes and get ready for the event itself to kick off on the morrow.

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