Albion Online’s elder statues wreak havoc on players for the MMO’s fifth anniversary


Albion Online has been teasing its fifth anniversary festivities all week, but as the day has officially arrived today, we’re finally getting the full story. And this is definitely a weird one: The statues erected in the game in honor of past seasons’ PvP victors are basically NPCs now, and they’re trying to kill you.

“Albion Online celebrates its fifth anniversary today with the launch of a unique event called Living Legacy. This event brings the game’s history to life for two weeks, as player-designed guild statues become open-world enemies. These statues exist in three levels of increasing difficulty and rarity – Construct, Colossus, and Titan – with a variety of melee and magical abilities to keep players on their toes.”

If you manage to take down the statues, you could score some sweet loot, including a new horse skin, the Chromacannon, banners, and fame-boosting cake. Sandbox Interactive is also granting all accounts that log in before July 28th an anniversary avatar and nameplate ring too, plus there’s a Twitch drop during the game’s stream tomorrow too.

Happy birthday, Albion!

Source: Press release, official site
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