ArcheAge makes it easier to breathe underwater, harder to kick people from dungeons


It’s the sad fact of life that sometimes you’re going to need to punt someone from your dungeon PUG. Maybe you’ve got an aggressive party member or someone’s internet connection suddenly died; these things happen. Unfortunately, the kick feature in ArcheAge was apparently being abused to simply boot people who were members of a hostile faction, which led to an adjustment made in the game’s latest patch.

As of this update, a kick vote will now require 70% or more votes in favor of the motion before someone gets tossed out of a dungeon party. The devs promise to continue to monitor the situation.

Another part of the patch notes outline that Warborn and Firran characters should now be able to breathe when their heads are above water, where previously this was not the case – no more burbling and drowning in the shallows.

The Corrupted Risopoda encounter has also seen a tweak in order to discourage steamtanks from simply being stationary, as the fight was designed to keep vehicles on the move. Lastly, the patch brings a wide variety of balance adjustments to several skills and abilities.

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