Conan Exiles deep-dives its planned battlepass monetization system


When Age of Sorcery launches for Conan Exiles players later this year, it will completely upend the game’s monetization model by switching from a DLC-based model to battlepasses and seasons (i.e., ages). Funcom’s now gone in depth on what to expect in a new dev blog: The battlepass is set up as a 60-level progression track with interspersed rewards and challenges along the way; many of the levels are for all players, but others are exclusive to those who pay for the pass. The challenges rotate “among several varied tasks, from killing a certain type of enemy to collecting materials, and more,” with the goal being that you’ll complete them organically as you play.

Funcom does promise that like DLC, the battlepasses will still focus purely on consumables (like the new flasks) and cosmetics and that it will not “sell anything that gives power.” Armor, weapons, building pieces, pets, emotes, deco, flasks, warpaint, mounts, saddles, and Crom coins are all possibilities. Crom coins, incidentally, are a new currency that you’ll accrue along the way; particularly dedicated players can essentially use Crom coins from the previous pass to fund their way through the next one.

“Each Battle Pass will last for about 13 weeks. We have seen the concerns about how long it takes to fully complete, and our goal has been to balance it to a satisfying pace. In practice, that means that if you play at least one hour on two separate occasions every week, you should be able to complete the entire Battle Pass before the next one comes along. If you play a single two-hour session, you may still finish it, but will need to complete some of the more difficult challenges. This is an estimate but gives a good impression of the pace. The progression is also linear, meaning that it will not get harder to level the further you get.”

It’s all pretty standard for battlepass fare in the MMO and multiplayer world, but you can give it a deeper look on the official site.

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