Ultima Online begins testing 25th anniversary rewards, delivers summer gifts


It might be hard to believe it, but Ultima Online is about to turn 25 years old this fall. My brain doesn’t even believe it as I just typed “15” instead of “25,” twice. But it’s true, and that means Broadsword is already preparing the festivities, which apparently include a bunch of gifts now in testing.

“We are pleased to announce 25th Anniversary Gifts are available for testing on TC1,” the studio writes. “All veteran characters 30-days or older are eligible to receive a 25th Anniversary Gift box which includes, 25th Anniversary Card & 25th Anniversary Token. The 25th Anniversary Token can be redeemed for one of the following gifts.”

“• Silver Anniversary Shield – The shield, when double clicked, will display a stylized version of the Ultima Online Charter Edition Box art with an anniversary inscription along with a musical accompaniment of Stones. The shield also bears the inscription, September 24, 1997 – the date Ultima Online launched.
Silver Intoxicating Liquor – The skull shaped bottle, when double clicked will inebriate the imbiber. The bottle is available in 11 common and 1 rare hue.
Silver Anniversary Tome – The tome, when double clicked will display a randomized scene of Britannian landscape as well as play a musical accompaniment appropriate to the scene. The tome also bears an inscription displaying the shard name the tome was redeemed as well as the date that shard went live.”

We won’t be expecting this update to hit the live servers until closer to late September, but in the meantime, the studio is dispensing summer gifts – pixie lanterns – from the altar near the Britain commons on all shards.

Broadsword, of course, is knee-deep in development of Ultima Online New Legacy, an alternate ruleset server announced back in 2020; it essentially reimagines the Ultima Online experience for new players with simplified but immersive mechanics and systems, organized in seasons that eventually push players to the core servers. As of February, the team was still aiming to get New Legacy out in 2022.

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