Way of the Hunter is a multiplayer hunting sim arriving to PC and console August 16


If you’re the sort who wants to hunt for wild game but isn’t too keen on the actual killing of animals, or if you do like to go on real-life animal hunts but would rather not wait for the hunting season in your area to start, then you might be the kind of person that’s in the market for Way of the Hunter, a single-player and multiplayer title arriving to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on Tuesday, August 16th.

“This authentic hunting experience lets you explore and hunt in large open-world environments in the USA and Europe. Discover true-to-life animals in beautiful natural habitats and handle various detailed and highly realistic weapons. Face the challenges of ethical hunting, supported by a compelling story, or simply enjoy hunting the rich environments freely.”

Way of the Hunter has been touting some of its major features ahead of its launch through recent trailers, including one about game hunting in Transylvania and a licensing agreement with Austrian weapons manufacturer Steyr Arms that brings several official weapons and accessories. The title otherwise calls attention to a realistic ballistics model, sophisticated animal AI, and a number of ways to track animals through blood spatter or other signs. Which reads like players will have to look at digital animal poop.

The game is available for pre-order now, while the aforementioned trailers await below the cut.


source: press releases
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