Fall Guys developer is issuing refunds after a cash shop bug automatically charged players for previewing items


Fall Guys is a game that’s all about stumbling and failure, but you never want to see failure happen in the game’s cash shop, which is exactly what was happening to players as reports started rolling in of a bug that was automatically charging players for items they never wanted to begin with.

According to complaints raised by players, simply previewing items in the cash shop, pressing certain “hidden” keys, and items being switched after being selected all automatically triggered cash shop item purchases. To make things worse, one player alleges that developer Mediatonic’s support staff denied that the bug even existed, despite multiple videos to the contrary.

This past Friday, a spokesperson from Mediatonic and the game’s official Twitter account both apologized for the error, assured that it was being addressed, confirmed that all cosmetic refund requests from June 21st would be honored, and agreed that the response from customer service was “not acceptable.” All players are also getting a free cosmetic item.

sources: Reddit (1, 2) via VG247, Twitter, Polygon
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