RuneScape’s latest ‘scattershot’ patch improves quality-of-life for farming, Pyramid Plunder, and skilling tools


Fans of RuneScape are likely already familiar with the idea of a “scattershot patch.” That’s when the game kicks out an update that mostly addresses quality-of-life matters and hits a broad variety of systems in the process, which is precisely what this week’s update to the MMORPG has done.

Highlights of the patch include several farming-related updates including reduced message box clutter, easier shop clicking features, and the end of farmers and leprechauns wandering around (which is apparently an agricultural problem in Gielinor). The update has additionally adjusted the Pyramid Plunder encounter by making all entrances head to the Guardian Mummy and made all skilling tools Bladed Dive compatible to improve movement.

The game’s weekly newsletter is otherwise calling attention to a new monster theme for its Treasure Hunter lootboxes, showcasing the winners of the Zamorak FashionScape constest, and bringing the spotlight back on a dev video that talked about changing the MMORPG’s death mechanics.

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