Camelot Unchained checks in with updates to siegecraft, animations, the Heavy Fighter, and the St’rm race


Camelot Unchained has once again returned with its monthly newsletter and development blog – a bit later than usual this time around – offering several update deep-dives related to siegecraft, animations, and continuing work on the Heavy Fighter class and St’rm race.

We begin with the newsletter, which talks up background tech to make interactions – the system that powers things like opening doors or operating siege weapons – more streamlined and faster to develop. This ties into the creation of larger siege engines, which are planned to have multiple interaction points. The letter also talked up a first pass of gathering animations, fine-tuning PvP numbers for the Heavy Fighter, and adding specific roles to siegecraft.

As for the monthly dev blog, CU runs down various bug fixes, NPC scripting improvements, and additional animation updates, and offers previews of gathering tools and in-game looks at the St’rm race’s attacks.

MMORPG veterans will know that Camelot Unchained, which was originally Kickstarted in 2013, has taken flak over the years thanks to delays, the founding of a second studio, the announcement of a second game using CU’s custom-built engine, and delayed refunds. The game entered its “beta one” phase back in 2018, with tests capable of putting 3000 humans and bots on the battlefield simultaneously. In 2021, City State said it was still paying refunds and working on both games, though it balked at interviews with press. As of 2022, work on CU continues, but some players still say their 2020 refunds haven’t processed, and Final Stand Ragnarok is unpopulated.
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