Profane offers a first look at gatherable items and gathering gameplay plans


Gathering. It’s a touchstone of the MMORPG gameplay loop and is especially important in a sandbox title like Profane, which has shared some preview art and initial gameplay plans for gatherers in the latest Twitter thread.

The basic tenets are not too unfamiliar here, with plants, ores, fruits, or items from animal nests to gather, as well as some goodies that can be gathered from shipwrecks. Use of these materials is also generally unremarkable: wood is used for houses and shipbuilding, ore lets players make armor, and plant resources can be used to craft potions. There’s also a rare chance to get plant seeds that can be cultivated and grown, but that will require a higher level of proficiency.

Of course, since Profane is an FFA PvP full loot sandbox, that means gatherers are going to have to watch their back so they don’t become someone else’s gameplay. The devs point out here that each swing of a gathering tool is activated by individual clicks instead of a single locked animation in order to keep players more able to respond to threats. There will also be specific gathering gear with bonuses that have not yet been decided.

Overall, Profane is hoping to make gathering fuel the player economy, incite territory control conflict, and create player “adventures.” If your idea of an adventure is hoping your hard work isn’t smashed to bits because a ganker rocked your world, then this thread is for you.

source: Twitter
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