Elyon patches in new Realm War start times and class balancing

This dude might fight some other dudes.

War? Between my realms? It’s more likely than you might think in Elyon with the game’s latest update, as the patch provides new start times for the renewed Realm War in the game. Starting at around midnight EDT on Saturday for the North American region, the game’s war will pit players of level 45 or higher with item level 550 or higher against one another in a raging battle to determine control, with players destroying enemy strongholds, healing allied soldiers, defending their own strongholds, and generally pushing the battlefield against opponents.

This coincides rather naturally with numerous battle adjustments for the game’s various classes, with Slayers and Assassins in particular seeing a number of long-standing issues fixed to bring them in line with the game’s other classes. So it’s a new raging battle for control over a realm and you have a new and improved sense of balance as you’re taking part in it; that’s a good thing. Check out the full patch notes for all the details on the changes.

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