Fractured Online dresses up its website, consolidates details on races and gameplay systems

Oh my website, you look wonderful tonight


Fractured Online has a fresh new fit to its official site, and it’s just dying to show it off; if a website could take pictures of itself and post them on Twitter and Instagram, it probably would, considering it calls the site relaunch a “powerful new form.”

The revamped site isn’t just about tastier visuals, either, as the game’s informational spaces have gotten an update as well: The Races and Planets section has a lore breakdown for the three main races and sub-races, while a What to Do section collects earlier dev blogs about the game’s knowledge system, crafting, economy, and combat model.

Admittedly, none of these details are exactly new to those who have been following the sandbox MMORPG’s development track, but now those details certainly look spiffier.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)
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