No Man’s Sky overhauls freighters and adds new multiplayer content in the Endurance update


For the most part, the utility of having a freighter in No Man’s Sky was useful but arguably pretty hum-drum. That perception could change for players of the sci-fi survivalbox thanks to the Endurance update, which has introduced a whole bevy of upgrades to freighters in terms of both usefulness and visuals.

The update has added a whole suite of new tools for freighter owners including resource mining functions, industrial modules and planetary scanner modules, dedicated cargo inventories, and a number of ways to teleport to freighter locations.

Visually speaking, there are new textures, new lighting, more NPCs milling around, and a wide swath of new customizations including windows, exterior placement items, engine effects, and purpose-built rooms that can be arranged inside of a freighter. On top of that, players can also discover organic frigates, while living ships are seeing some updates.

The Endurance update also features new multiplayer activities as well, with two new multiplayer missions that task players with taking on giant infested worms or stealing data from Sentinel Pillars, and the Polestar expedition where players must repair a freighter, uncover its past, and travel the galaxy at its helm, with a new array of account-wide cosmetics on offer for those who complete each phase.

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