Path of Exile adjusts release date for next expansion, confirms Sentinel features will not carry on for now

Didn't see it coming

Now that Path of Exile players know when the Sentinel League will end, the next logical question is whether the mechanics of the League will carry over into the base game. The answer to that question is no. For now, anyway.

When the League wraps up, existing power cores and sentinels will be deleted, while recombinators won’t drop but will still remain, eventually becoming scarce as they’re consumed. The devs acknowledge that players enjoy the crafting options recombinators provide and are looking at a way to make the mechanic more permanent in the future.

On the subject of POE’s future, the expansion due in August has seen its release date shift a week later than planned, moving to Wednesday, August 19th, as opposed to Wednesday, August 12th. This also puts the announcement livestream for the next expansion’s reveal to Thursday, August 11th.

In other POE news, YouTuber Josh Strife Hayes sat down with producer Chris Wilson to talk to him about several development matters like creating a new player experience, keeping a game live after multiple expansions, and narrative versus mechanical design.

sources: official forums (1, 2), YouTube
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