EverQuest completes server merge, plans beta for 29th expansion in October


Hot on the heels of EverQuest II’s producer letter, Darkpaw Head of Studio Jenn Chan is back with one for EverQuest II’s elder sibling. Chan recaps the 2022 roadmap for Original Flavor EverQuest, homing in on the planned merges of Phinigel and Miragul into Vox. The roadmap initially pegged that merge for June, but it was postponed to this week and is now complete. She also highlights the Death, Death, Death! event (festive) that began Wednesday as well as multiple progression server expansion unlocks.

There’s nothing listed for August, but in September, players can apparently look forward to the tweaks to heroic characters that start them at level 100 and a schedule change for future progression server unlocks.

Finally, Chan notes that work on the game’s next expansion – what will be its 29th – continues. Chan also signed her letter “Knight-y Night,” and y’all know how fond she is of little teases.

“The next expansion is coming along very well. Environments, characters, and much more have been completed already. We should have it ready for beta testing by October. Are you ready for adventure? We certainly hope you are; you never know what lurks beyond the shadows.”

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