RIFT fansite posts detailed timeline of the Gamigo era


With RIFT now in its 11th year of live operation, fans no doubt have concerns and questions about the game’s future under Gamigo’s dubious stewardship. But for those who do want to head back to this full-featured MMORPG, there are also questions about the current landscape of the game and what’s been going on with its development.

For answers to that, skip past the now-defunct official forums. Instead, let us point you to a rather excellent RIFT fansite called CADRIFT. The owner put together a FAQ about the state and support of the game, as well as an amazing timeline that tracks the month-by-month updates to the title dating back to its release in March 2011. In this, you can see that there has been a steady drip of developments during the Gamigo era, including the addition of a new CM, a patch, and world events this year.

This page also lists when the last time major new additions were made to the game, including artifact sets (March 2021), dungeons (March 2019), raids (October 2017), and zones (July 2017).

If you do get sucked back into RIFT — as the author of this post may have — then you’ll want to check out CADRIFT’s terrific achievement (“cheevos”), puzzle, and quest guides for the game.

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