The Cycle lowers mission clear requirements, tweaks matchmaking, and tunes endgame items

Shoot cycle.

PvPvE shooter The Cycle: Frontier continues to turn the knobs in this week’s patch, primarily focusing on making adjustments to missions, weapons, and matchmaking among other things.

One of the leading portions of the patch notes is related to mission clear requirements for PvP and PvE players, which will now see mission requirements, kill requirements, and hunting requirements all adjusted downward. Another major part of the update focuses in on endgame weapons and armor, with the aim of making recoil less unruly across the board and epic armor easier to craft according to the shooter’s creative director.

Lastly, the game’s mathcmaking is getting an adjustment to better protect new players and give experienced squads more even fights. The matchmaking changes should ideally see players fall into four different “buckets” that are detailed in the notes.

source: Reddit
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