Dragon Trail is a mobile and PC ‘tribal adventure’ MMO available for pre-registration


We’re going to be honest, the details for Dragon Trail are very scattershot. This self-described “island tribal adventure game” from publisher/developer Watt Games Net Limited has all of the usual informational sources like a website, a YouTube channel, and social media accounts, but pertinent information is kind of spread out among those sources, so allow us to gather it all up.

Dragon Trail is planned to launch on iOS, Android, and Windows PC, inviting you to pick from one of four characters, join one of five clans, and “explore the secret of Loya Book with your father’s belief.” The game has put out a pair of trailers – one cinematic and one with in-game footage – while the game’s Twitter account has showcases for classes in combat and the various pets that players can find and evolve. Dragon Trail is confirmed by the devs to be an MMO, though the number of players isn’t specified.

A launch date for Dragon Trail is unavailable, but pre-registration for mobile is, so if whatever is going on here is of interest to you, there’s a way to put a flag in the ground for when the game goes live.

sources: official site, Twitter, YouTube (1, 2), Facebook
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