Riders of Icarus’ play-to-earn crypto token is down to about ten cents of value

Play-to-earn is going great


So, how is play-to-earn going for Riders of Icarus? Well, about as well as play-to-earn usually goes, which is to say very badly. MMO Fallout has been tracking the cryptocurrency prices associated with the game, and it turns out that the Riders of Icarus coin, RIA, is tied to the Wemix credits. At the start RIA was worth 1.2 Wemix credits; it’s now worth .043 Wemix credits, and a Wemix credit itself is only worth about $2.45. So that’s around ten cents for one RIA, assuming you could even find a buyer.

The worse news (even worse than the fact that the token value has dropped so sharply) is that Wemix itself has also lost a huge amount of value over the course of the past few months, clearly slowing that this particular move has not resulted in either a robust earnings ground for players or a huge infusion of cash. It’s not a good look for the game, let’s not mince words.

Source: MMO Fallout
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