Global Agenda is still online and active half a year after its surprise return


We were all pretty surprised by the return of MMO shooter Global Agenda, which came back from the dead first as an off-the-cuff server test and then as a fully running (but unlisted) Steam game; readers will recall that the title was effectively “ignored out of existence” in 2017 as noted by our Game Archaeologist.

So how is it faring since that February return? Pretty well, all things considered. A quick check-in with the Discord community that sprung up around the title shows a very active server, confirmation that the game’s servers are still online, and word from one member that people are indeed playing, with regular encounters and raid still running and more people around during the evening hours on average.

A look at Steam Charts and a player counter in the Discord corroborates much of this fan’s estimations: Player numbers understandably hit a high point in January and February when the game made its surprise return, but headcounts have since trailed off a bit since.

Steam user reviews are also generally pretty effusive as many recent write-ups delight in the shooter’s return and beg for some more official support. By all accounts, Global Agenda isn’t exactly thriving, but it is still humming.

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