Whatever happened to combat-free MMO A Tale in the Desert?


A Tale in the Desert is probably one of the more distinctive MMOs out there. Featuring a lack of combat and a very MUD-like feel, Tale’s primary content loop centers around its semi-regular server resets – referred to as “tellings” – that let players live out new stories in-game. These tellings have gotten a bit more sporadic in the intervening years, with its 10th telling happening in May of last year.

So what’s been happening since then? Not a great deal new. The title’s official site, Facebook page, and official Discord all hearken to the current telling, and the title’s Twitter account remains silent.

As for how long Tale 10 will run, it’s hard to be sure, but thanks to Wikipedia we can at least make an educated guess that Tale 11 could start off sometime next summer. Things might not be particularly buzzing for this MMO, but there are people still playing wandering nomads in the desert, so it’s not all gloom and doom; it’s just how this game kind of operates.

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