EverQuest II opens up Myths and Monoliths update on the test server for players


Remember when it felt like every single tabletop roleplaying game had a name with an ampersand? You had Dungeons & Dragons, but also Chivalry & Sorcery, Tunnels & Trolls, a few others… anyhow, the next update coming to EverQuest II has a title reminiscent of that, but Myths and Monoliths is the name of the next update and not a tabletop game system, and it doesn’t have an ampersand. What it does have is the ability for players to try it out right now on the game’s test server.

If you’ve forgotten what’s in the next update, here’s a quick recap from the producer’s letter earlier in the month:

Our second game update of 2022, GU120, has been officially named: “Myths and Monoliths.” EverQuest® II Myths and Monoliths™ will launch on live servers in August 2022. The Game Update is bringing to you the ever-anticipated Fabled Veeshan’s Peak, and just for fun, Fabled Kurn’s Tower. Kurn’s Tower will include heroic, solo and x2 versions, plus new collections.

For players who haven’t tested an update on the game’s test server before, the process of getting the test client installed is straightforward enough by clicking on the launcher’s “Version” button. Players are also reminded that any kind of test server is a beta that can be wiped or changed at any time, and accomplishments on the test server will not carry over into the live game unless otherwise noted. Still, are you going to let that push you away from testing out the next update? Hopefully not!

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