Star Wars: The Old Republic brings its bounty hunting event around once more

Let's hunt some people.

So there’s only one class in Star Wars: The Old Republic that hunts bounties for a living. It’s called Bounty Hunter; you may have heard of it. But everyone can hunt the occasional bounty as, like, a hobby. That’s the whole point of Bounty Contract Week, which is running until August 2nd and sees the Bounty Brokers Associates open up its dangerous contracts for anyone and everyone willing to take on a bounty contract. Now everyone can hunt bounties!

Of course, you should probably still be a player character laden with weapons, so by “anyone,” the developers really mean “anyone who doesn’t normally hunt bounties for a living.” Your hypothetical Hutt shipping clerk is probably a no.

As always, this is a familiar even to veteran players of SWTOR, with cosmetic rewards for anyone who hunts enough bounties over the course of the week. But hey, it’s a chance to take part in an event and maybe earn some cosmetics on an alt or two who doesn’t have them yet. What could be wrong with that? Nothing, that’s what. So saddle on up and hunt you some bounties, why not?

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