V Rising’s first series of regular official server wipes begins this week

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Earlier this month, players of V Rising were informed that the game would begin running regular server wipes in the interest of keeping gameplay dynamic. As of today, July 28th, several of the game’s official servers saw their scheduled reset.

These wipes are arriving to servers in six different timezones, including EU, Australia, Japan, and three US servers. While the first wipe is happening today, subsequent wipes will occur on Saturday mornings, granting players 23 days to build themselves back up from scratch and progress as far as possible.

We recently took a stroll through V Rising in our Choose My Adventure column and found that, while combat and vampire powers are neat, they weren’t enough to mask the disjointed and ultimately unfulfilling progression loop currently in the title’s early access. As for the survivalbox’s future content update plans, those will be rolling out with less frequency but more features baked in according to the devs.

source: Twitter
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