New World’s population perks up with queues post-Medleyfaire as Amazon works on LFG


If you tried to play New World yesterday following the launch of the Summer Medleyfaire patch and noticed the game was hopping again, you weren’t imagining it. The game saw a peak of over 24,000 players on Steam last night, the most who’ve played concurrently all summer long, though whether it’ll be enough to bolster the game long-term and stop continuing losses remains to be seen. One of our own writers was even stuck in a queue for a few minutes yesterday, and players are complaining of overcrowding and tent-pitching chaos in-game, though of course that’s as much as product of the recent server merges than anything.

But if you’re still waiting on the group finder before you give New World another look, know that you don’t have long to wait.

“We are extremely excited to release a feature that makes it easier to group up with your fellow adventurers to tackle the challenges that lie in New World’s expeditions,” Amazon noted yesterday. “There is some additional scale testing needed on Group Finder, to ensure this feature is a smooth experience for all. We are actively working on this, and as soon as it is ready, we will let you know its new release date. You can still expect the new Expedition, Barnacles and Black Powder (both normal and Mutated) and the new Mutations to be released in the next weekly update.”

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