Past Fate’s new trailer announces open alpha on August 15, tentatively sets early access for August 27


Last week, the Kickstarted sandbox MMORPG Past Fate announced its intentions to start early access in August in an interview, but now it looks like that month will be a busy one for the game overall as a new trailer unveils both open alpha and early access that same month.

The trailer provides a quick glimpse of combat from three different class archeetypes including a wizard, a warrior, and a necromancer before closing with dates: Open alpha is planned to run between August 15th and 21st, while the early access launch is planned for August 27th. It’s important to call out that “planned” is the operative word, as that date has an asterisk that states the devs “reserve the right to delay early access based on feedback.” Still, this all represents a significant step forward for the game.

As a refresher, Past Fate arrived to our coverage in December 2019 with the promise of freedom as a key gameplay element. The game launched two Kickstarters – one that failed and one that didn’t – and has been making semi-regular updates ever since.

source: YouTube
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