ArcheAge’s latest patch adds a barrel-riding rapids race course event and a DPS checking training dummy


Generally speaking, it’s highly dangerous and even more stupid to ride a barrel down a series of raging rapids in real life, so perhaps it’s better to feed that need with ArcheAge’s Festival in Rookborne event, which will let players do precisely that: ride a cask down some rapids collecting flags along the way in one of three different race courses. There are also daily quests and repeatable quests, all of which award festival coins to spend on cosmetics, boosts, and more.

Meanwhile, the MMORPG’s latest patch has introduced a training scarecrow furniture item that can check players’ DPS output, made improvements to the Guardian Scramble faction quests, raised the combat stats of the archers placed at the faction bases of the Great Prairie of the West, unlocked some instances for the game’s new server, and made a number of bug fixes.

source: official site (1, 2)
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