Former CD Projekt Red devs announce a multiplayer co-op and PvP title full of ninja parkour in feudal Japan


Would you like to play a PvP and PvE co-op multiplayer title created by former CD Projekt Red devs that lets you be a highly mobile fighter in feudal Japan? That’s the question being asked by a new studio known as Dark Passenger, which was formed by Witcher 3 devs and Cyberpunk 2077 cinematics creators Jakub Ben and Marcin Michalski.

“The troubled time has come in the Land of the Cherry Blossom when nameless conquerors overthrow the ruling shogun and took over his throne. Everyone who dared to oppose him, not only failed but also, against their will, joined his ranks. While the army of the usurper grows stronger, his actions are being carefully watched by the cunning lords of the world of shadows. In order to learn the origin and motives of the aggressor, the secret houses of the assassins are sending their warriors to find the artifacts of his belonging that conceal extraordinary power.”

The unnamed project reads like it’s in the elevator pitch stage, with promise of co-operative PvE and PvP stealth action, customizable characters and weapons, a variety of enemies to face from lowly villagers to samurai, and a locomotion system that promises plenty of stylish fantasy ninja-like parkour, including leaping off of fired arrows, swiftly scaling walls, or vaulting over pits with a spear. The game will be built in Unreal Engine 5 and will be played from a first-person perspective, with plans to arrive on PS5, the Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and EGS.

As one might expect, release timing for this new game isn’t even close to being narrowed down, but the team is hiring for a wide variety of positions to make this game happen. With that said, we don’t anticipate too much news from this game for a little while yet.

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