Gamigo director and producer moves to new position at co-development studio Lost Boys Interactive


Gamigo has seen one of its executive-level staffers shift to a different company entirely: Matthew Pettit, who was part of Gamigo’s Austin, Texas office as Director and Senior Director of Game Development, has now left the company and taken up the role of Director of Production for Lost Boys Interactive, “an independent studio working on both co-development for top tier games as well as [its] own original titles for the PC and console video game market.”

Pettit was a holdover from Trion Worlds after the company sold most of its games and assets to Gamigo in 2018, displacing the vast majority of its staff in the process. On the player-facing front, he’s most likely known to players as Destromathe, the Producer and Product Lead for Defiance 2050, which closed up shop in February of last year.

As for Gamigo itself, readers will likely remember the company for another round of layoffs this past March, followed by its parent company snapping up a mobile games studio; the much-ballyhooed big update for RIFT that ended up just being full of budgies; and the closure of both Atlas Rogues and Echo of Soul.

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