Last Oasis previews this week’s Season 5 ‘LOverhaul’ launch


Last Oasis is on the cusp of its Season 5 “LOverhaul,” which is set to arrive at some point this week, bringing with it a more PvE-focused and danger-filled form of survival sandbox that features several gameplay tweaks to facilitate this. Ahead of the new season, developer Donkey Crew put out a dev blog discussing the new direction and plans for the season’s launch.

The post points out that, while the new version of the game isn’t perfect, there are a couple of maps that feel the most complete, so those will be the ones that arrive with the season’s launch. After that point, continued iteration, feedback gathering, and updating will happen as players get their hands on the game and adapt to the overhaul.

On the subject of adapting, the post also took a moment to discuss player feedback during beta branch tests. It was here that devs called out players approaching the game with more caution, preparation, and a PvE mindset were having the most fun, while those who played like they were in the old game were having less fun. To that latter point, Last Oasis will still offer “classic servers” on a separate branch if players would rather keep to the way things were.

More details on Season 5’s release are expected later today.

source: Steam
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