Anime MMO Aero Tales Online makes its free-to-play early access debut on Steam and Android


At the beginning of July we reported on the impending arrival of Aero Tales Online: The World, an anime-styled free-to-play MMO making its way to Steam and Android devices. The game pitches two different combat control styles, the ability to fly around the world at a certain level, and a variety of content to take on from the combative to the pastoral.

As of today, August 2nd, the game has now made its debut on both platforms, complete with a new gameplay trailer that grants the curious fan a look at several of the title’s features. The game’s official site is also heralding its launch by announcing the game’s level cap of 40 and inviting new arrivals to collect a permanent special gift for being part of the release.

As mentioned in prior reporting, early access for Aero Tales is expected to take a year, with plans for a new castle war, new weapons, new costumes, new pets, more crafting items, and additional levels.

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