Netease’s mobile and PC shooter Lost Light touts new PvE features and ‘stress-free progression’


Remember Lost Light? It’s a multiplayer shooter for mobile and PC from Netease that claims to be built on three gameplay pillars – survival, warfighting, and progression – as players scavenge for items and try to make their way out of a map before other players take them out. In our initial reporting, the game was soft-launching in a variety of countries and open for pre-registration in the US, Canada, and Russa.

In the past 10 months, a lot about the game has changed: The title is now in open beta testing and has introduced PvE elements with the addition of AI bots that take into account players’ kill/death ratio to generate foes accordingly. Scavenging and escaping the map with the goods is still the name of the game, while those goods can either be used to upgrade a hideout or trade on the Black Market for profit; it’s all built with the intention of creating “stress-free progression.”

Of course, the game does note that playing with others doesn’t have to be about killing them on-sight, since players are being encouraged to help downed characters up and take advantage of using a quick team-up feature. In short, Lost Light looks to be attempting to cast a wider net.

source: press release
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