Past Fate introduces spellcasting and cooking in latest closed alpha update


Those who are in the closed alpha of Past Fate probably noticed something unique from its open alpha trailer: the addition of a character weaving spells. Earlier this week, that ability to wobble empowered sticks threateningly at enemies went live in the closed alpha test as the sandbox MMORPG added staves and wands.

As one might expect, these new weapons let players cast spells, either of the elemental variety or the necromantic kind that let players summon the dead. Casting spells is tied to the first pass at a new runecrafting profession that was added with this patch, which lets players assemble runes for these elemental attacks at runecrafting tables.

In addition, the newest closed alpha patch added cooking fires that lets players cook delicious food, introduced dual wielded weaponry, made characters permanent in-between logouts (no more character resets), and added a “highly experimental” altar where players can sacrifice goods for blessings.

source: Steam
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