Final Fantasy XI previews its next version update with more story and a new type of battle content

Ram moo

The next update for Final Fantasy XI is right around the corner, scheduled to go live on August 10th. This means players will be able to explore a new chapter of the ongoing Voracious Resurgence storyline, so that should be exciting in and of itself. But if you need something more to pique your interest, you’ll also have an all-new style of content to take part in with the introduction of the Sortie battle style, a vital piece of content to upgrade your Empyrean weapons to +2 versions.

Meanwhile, other adjustments are coming along with this content. Players will no longer gain or lose exemplar points in Ambuscade to ensure that veteran players are not disincentivized from helping newer players try the content, and there will of course be a refresh of the monthly Ambuscade fights. Check out all the planned changes in the official announcement, and if you’re hungry for more content, you can take a look at the still-rolling updates to the game’s anniversary site discussing memories and lessons from the 20-year history of FFXI.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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