Fractured Online’s latest beta patch adds PvP seasons and leaderboards


As Fractured Online’s always-on beta marches forward, so does its development cadence. This morning’s update essentially introduces seasons to the game – and this time, we mean content seasons, not weather seasons. That means season points, visible Elo rankings, and leaderboards for players and guilds, all scored based on PvP and town control.

“All new characters start with 0 PE (Unranked PE) and every time a new character kills another player and gains ‘loot rights’, disregarding the alignment of both players, it gains +2 PE and every time it dies it loses -1 PE. Once a character reaches 20 PE it automatically moves to Ranked PE and is assigned a new score of 1000 and at this point, a character can never go back to Unranked. Every time a Ranked character is killed in PVP, the average PE of all Ranked players who gained rights is computed (avgKillersRating) and how much PE is lost by the victim is determined by a classic ELO formula: Floor(50*(1-1/(1+Power(10,(victimRating-avgKillersRating)/300)))). The same amount of PE lost by the victim is gained by the killers, equally split between all of them.”

The patch also allows cities to pledge allegiance to guilds, thereby granting guilds season points, as well as city repairs, backend security upgrades, and bug fixes.

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