Last Oasis’ PvE-centric Season 5 reworking is officially live


It’s time to see if the major overhaul to Last Oasis will make the survival sandbox suck less. This week saw the launch of Season 5, which is seeking to provide a full-scale overhaul to the game’s map, mechanics, progression, and nearly everything else in-between.

Season 5 brings with it an “inward facing doughnut” map that has PvE maps on the outside and higher tier and rarity maps populating inwards. This arrangement further introduces soft cap features to make moving through material progression a little more clear and controlled.

The new season will also effectively disable PvP for the time being, disengaging base damage from other players while the devs balance remote weapons, while PvP damage will also be disabled for the time being. Players are being warned against other attempts at disruption or other creative forms of griefing. Finally, Season 5 will introduce some performance updates that should help the game run smoother overall.

source: Steam
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