Amazon has delayed New World’s Barnacles and Black Powder expedition

Such new, very world, wow.

If you were hoping that the Barnacles and Black Powder expedition would make it into this week’s New World update, well, it may still happen this week – but it is not this day.

“I am sorry to announce that additional testing has uncovered an issue with the Barnacles and Black Powder expedition,” the studio wrote last night. “The team is working hard to address the issue but this means we will be delayed in activating the feature. We apologise for this inconvenience, especially on the heels of delaying Group Finder, as we endeavor to release the highest quality of experience to you all. This is our Expedition team’s highest priority, and we will provide an update once we are confident in releasing the newest expedition. Thank you for your patience and understanding.”

What today’s early morning update 1.6.1 did include was largely bug fixes, a temporary lift of the daily expedition limit from 15 to 25 (that’s a lotta expeditions, gang), and tweaks for last week’s Summer Medleyfaire event. Amazon had previously disabled Azoth vial salvaging as well thanks to a bug, which has now been fixed; refunds for players who lost Azoth to the bug are en route.

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