ArcheAge tweaks progression for Shadowed Torch and Weakened Tower, adjusts Garden of the Gods schedule


ArcheAge is continuing to turn the knobs on several specific content features in its newest patch, which probably isn’t going to mean a lot to some players, but for those who are engaging with the stated activities, these updates may represent important news.

The changes directly affect progression for Shadowed Torch and Weakened Tower, with more Kyrios’s Executioners being spawned for the former and less time required to move from stage two to stage three for the latter. The update has also adjusted the Garden of the Gods schedule in order to allow players to do a specific quest even after progressing through the raid.

The patch has otherwise introduced a Training Wooden Doll Summoning Cushion to let level 55 players test their skills, decreased synthesis XP earnings from Destructive Grudge equipment, and added new ArchePasses.

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