Conan Exiles’ Age of Sorcery update arrives to the PC public test server


Are you tired of reading about all of the features arriving to Conan Exiles when its Age of Sorcery update goes live? Are you curious to take a peek and provide some feedback? Your time has come: The update is now available on the public testlive server.

Naturally, this test build introduces all of the bells and whistles of the Age of Sorcery update that Funcom has been heralding over several dev blog posts. That means sorcery spells and progression, the revamp of perks and attributes, improved building, and the new monetization features are all available to test. The test build also adds new events and a new weapon and armor illusion system to let players dress up their kit in the styles of their choosing. Also of note: grass will no longer poke through foundations. Finally.

Testing timing isn’t being elaborated on, but since the Age of Sorcery isn’t scheduled to arrive until the third quarter of this year, there will be plenty of time to take a peek and share some thoughts.

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