EVE Online shares deeper details on planned factional warfare improvements


During EVE Online’s Fanfest, CCP Games shared some early details on updates that were in the pipeline for factional warfare. The devs have since put forth a new dev blog that provides much more granular detail of those plans, breaking down features and design intentions as it goes.

The post provides a closer look at its new Frontline map and what each segment of the map means for players, outlines a new naming system for faction warfare complex sites and new complex site types, and grants more information about a planned advantage system that lets players support a faction’s hold through methods other than combat. The post also calls attention to how factional warfare will have an effect on the game’s narrative, which was already introduced in the game’s first arc.

What the post doesn’t provide is a date for these changes to arrive. Regardless, there is still plenty of information to chew on if you’re the faction warfare-loving type.

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